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2017 National Legislative Elections: Informative Meeting with Diplomatic Corps

02 August 2017
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 On Wednesday 2 August, an informative meeting on the 2017 Argentine election process was held at the Auditorium of the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN) for the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Republic.

The meeting, which was organized by the Undersecretariat for Institutional Relations of the Foreign Ministry, was attended by over 60 Diplomatic Representations accredited to the Republic, the National Director for Elections of the Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing, Fernando Álvarez, the judges of the Federal Court of Appeals on Election Matters, Santiago Hernán Corcuera and Alberto Ricardo Dalla Via, and the clerks of the Court, Sebastián Schimmel and Hernán Gonçalves Figuereido. 

After the opening speech by Undersecretary Tomás Kroyer, the speakers addressed different aspects related to the primary elections called P.A.S.O (which stands for Primarias Abiertas Simultáneas y Obligatorias) to be held next 13 August, the national legislative elections to be held next 22 October, and the participation of political groups and the organization of the party system.

With respect to Argentinians voting abroad, reference was made to recently issued Executive Order No. 403/2017, which facilitates suffrage to nationals residing abroad, by omitting the registration requirement and allowing citizens who changed their domicile prior to 25 April 2017 to cast their vote. In addition, the creation of the Special Register of the National Foreign Service was highlighted. This register enables National Foreign Service officials and their families to vote abroad without changing their domicile.


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