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Argentina does not recognize Constituent Assembly election in Venezuela

30 July 2017
Información para la Prensa N°: 

The Argentine Government regrets that the Venezuelan Government, ignoring the calls of the international community, including those of Mercosur countries, has nevertheless held an election to a constituent assembly that does not comply with the requirements set forth by the Venezuelan Constitution. 

Today's election does not respect the will of over seven million Venezuelan citizens that voted against it.

Argentina will not recognize the outcome of this illegal election.

The Argentine Government once again urges Nicolás Maduro's Government to respect popular will and the Venezuelan Constitution promoted by the then President Chávez.

The Argentine Government calls on the Venezuelan Government to stop the violent repression against those who are demonstrating to make their voices heard and to guarantee respect for popular will, which is mostly against this election that only aims at securing the continuity of the current regime. Said violence has already left more than one hundred deaths. 

Argentina reaffirms that it is necessary to engage in a free and unrestricted dialogue process among all Venezuelans, including both the Government and the opposition, so as to enable the restoration of democratic order and the full force of the institutions on which it is based, including a call to elections at all levels.


Press release No. 306/17

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