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Biodiesel: U.S. Department of Commerce issues final determination regarding alleged subsidies on Argentine imports

09 November 2017
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Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an affirmative final determination in the investigation into the existence of alleged subsidies on biodiesel imports from Argentina and announced subsidy rate levels higher than those preliminarily established.

The Argentine Government reiterates that it does not subsidize biodiesel production or exports. Export duties on soybeans in no way constitute subsidies under international trade rules.

In recent days, bilateral negotiations between both governments and the respective private sectors involved were intensified, in order to reach an agreement to suspend not only the antidumping investigation but also the alleged subsidization. Unfortunately, these attempts were thwarted as a result of the U.S. industry's reluctance to reach an agreement, adopting an unacceptable stance backed by inordinately high preliminary countervailing duties.

At the next stage of the investigation, the U.S. industry will have to prove to the United States International Trade Commission (USTIC) that Argentine imports harm or threaten its businesses. In this regard, it is worth noting that all the U.S. industry's indicators are positive; therefore, far from proving harm caused by Argentine imports, the figures show the existence of profitable business. 

The Argentine Government will continue to defend the interests of its exporters during the final stage of the subsidization and antidumping investigations. If the International Trade Commission fails to overturn this determination, the Argentine Government reserves the right to resort to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.


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