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CELAC - EU Workshop. Faurie: "Gender issues concern society as a whole"

29 September 2017
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"The importance of working on education for men with regard to gender issues involves a commitment that must be made by individuals and collectively, privately and publicly, and nationally and globally," Foreign Minister Faurie stated today in the closing session of the CELAC - EU Workshop on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence, within the framework of joint activities carried out between the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the European Union.

"Gender issues concern not only women but society as a whole. Gender-based violence is a reality that must be eradicated. This is why Argentina's foreign policy agenda has included the commitment to contributing, from different fields, to ending violence against women and encouraging men, together with women, to become agents of change, " stated Faurie.

The Workshop, which focused on prevention policies and the education of men, was attended by over 130 experts from the two regions and from international bodies, such as UN Women, ECLAC, and the Inter-American Commission of Women, who held discussions on the topic over the course of two days at the Palacio San Martín. "Changing structures that generate inequality between men and women is a permanent task that must be undertaken by all of us, both by Government and civil society," the Argentine Foreign Minister noted.

Faurie also remarked: "Education is the key. Being active in raising sensitivity and awareness of new patterns and male behaviour will enable progress towards a no-violence environment and towards gender equality. Our country is committed to this goal, on which gender policies focus, as part of the 100 priorities of President Macri's administration. We welcome the high-ranking status recently afforded to the body responsible for developing public policies on gender issues, the National Women's Institute."

"The Foreign Ministry is strongly committed to promoting equality, tolerance and mutual respect among people. This Workshop is an ideal opportunity to bring together two regions that are home to over 1.1 billion people and are committed to putting an end to violence, either explicit or implicit, against women, young people, boys and girls. It has thus been proposed that the material of this workshop be used to promote the topic, not only among experts but also among society as a whole," Faurie concluded.

The closing session of the event was also attended by Fabiana Tuñez, the Executive Director of Argentina's National Women's Institute; Aude Maio-Coliche, the Head of the EU Delegation to Argentina; and Jean-Louis Ville, the Director for Human Development and Peace of the European Commission of the EU.

The Workshop was planned by the Argentine Republic, in its capacity as the coordinator country of the CELAC - EU Gender Discussion, jointly with the European Union and Chile.

The goal of the meeting was to share ways to prevent gender-based violence, a major concern for both regions, especially as regards the role of men in the prevention of this type of violence.

During the Workshop, experiences were shared as regards public policies on education and prevention of violence aimed at men and boys, as well as on the prevention of repeat conduct by male aggressors.

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