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Cooperates Argentina: Argentine capabilities to the world

The Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGCIN) presents "Argentina cooperates. Capacities of the National Public Administration to meet and share ", which compiles publishing capabilities, mechanisms and instruments that have the Argentine government to develop policies for South-South Cooperation.

The list published in detail the capabilities and strategies implemented by Argentina to the challenge of developing their own responses to the processes of development and is able to share with other countries to support their own, according to their own strategies.

Argentina cooperates born from a profound exchange within the National State that allows to know our potential as a country, describing their tools in a systematic way and with the aim of expanding the horizons of international cooperation under the precepts of South-South Cooperation.

This work product of the search to create new mechanisms to promote South-South cooperation, a comprehensive approach to the South, providing effective responses to the priorities and opportunities of our joint development.



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