Declassification of the Rattenbach Report

On 25 January 2012, the Argentine President announced the declassification and publication of the “Rattenbach Report” on political, military and strategic responsibilities in the South Atlantic conflict.

Report Rattenbach

At the request of the military government, the report was produced between 1982 and 1983 by a Commission made up of representatives of the three armed forces, among whom was General Benjamín Rattenbach. However, as soon as the Commission had completed its work, de facto President Bignone declared it a military secret for 50 years.

The report clearly shows that the armed conflict was not the result of a decision made by the Argentine people, but of one made by a Military Junta desperate to keep its power. It reveals great military irresponsibility in the planning of the conflict and in the serious human rights violations committed against the country’s troops. Likewise, it reflects the strategic perspective that prevailed in those years, especially on hypotheses of conflict with friendly countries. These were born out of a militarist conception that has been rendered absolutely obsolete by the current political and legal order in force under the Rule of Law and that is deeply rooted in democratic values and is emphatically geared to regional integration.

The decision to make the report public is further proof of the commitment of the Argentine State to an integral policy on memory, truth and justice for human rights violations, as well as the desire of the Argentine Republic to find a just, peaceful and definitive solution to the sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom, the nature of which has remained unaltered by the conflict.