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Faurie in Paraguay: "Yacyretá needed a budgetary reorganization"

28 September 2017
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"The Yacyretá project needed economic order and a reorganization of its budgetary and financial schemes. Thanks to the measures implemented by Presidents Cartes and Macri, that is what we have achieved today. The primary goal of the Yacyretá dam, a major construction built on a river shared by Argentina and Paraguay, is to generate power and thus create new jobs for our people," Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie stated in Asunción, where he was received by his counterpart, Eladio Loizaga, and then by President Horacio Cartes at Mburuvicha Roga, the presidential residence of the Republic of Paraguay.

"I feel at home because Paraguay is our sister nation, whose people have a close relationship with Argentines. Our Presidents have built a friendship on the basis of which they have engaged in candid and straightforward dialogue which has allowed them to agree on their goals, some of which they outlined at a meeting a few months ago," Faurie explained. "Our most significant achievement today was the signing of the diplomatic notes on Yacyretá. I commend the working teams of our respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Treasury and Energy for reaching an agreement on the most important link in the last 50 years of the relationship between our countries."

At a press conference alongside his Paraguayan counterpart and the Yacyretá executive director, Humberto Schiavoni, the Argentine Foreign Minister stressed that the Yacyretá dam must be "an additional power generator, by operating its existing machines and those that are yet to be installed, in order to guarantee energy efficiency for the benefit of the Paraguayan and Argentine peoples. Demonstrating this achievement will pave the way for other ventures."      

"I hope that Argentine and Paraguayan public opinion and political forces support us on this issue, because that is what true integration means. Integration entails more physical connectivity, easier circulation of products and people, access to energy sources and the establishment of joint ventures to improve the lives of our peoples, which is the sole purpose driving both Governments. Integration cannot be achieved by political rhetoric; it is necessary to establish a close relationship with our sister nation and work alongside it."

In addition, Faurie announced that he and Loizaga have signed "another agreement on the use of fishery resources, with an environmental perspective. We are countries rich in natural resources that require environmental protection. We must remember that Paraguay has one of the world's largest fresh water reserves, which it shares with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Our natural resources make our countries attractive on an international level and, as a result, we receive major productive exploration project proposals from other countries. Environmentally friendly exploitation means preserving those resources for present and future generations."

For his part, Eladio Loizaga explained that, during their negotiations, both Governments sought to "regain domestic and international credibility as regards all energy generation processes. The purpose of this binational entity, which was questioned in the past, is to foster equal and forward-looking development in both countries.

The Foreign Ministers discussed the relationship as regards customs matters, trade bonds, their global views and their concerns over the region, especially their commitment to the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, in respect of which Argentina and Paraguay have internationally asserted that it is unacceptable for any American country not to live in democracy and are working so that Venezuelans can find a solution to their problems through dialogue.

Finally, Faurie summarized: "The joint communiqué we have signed shows how rich our bilateral relationship is, forged in the spirit of understanding so that we can decide how to carry out our projects, reach agreements and solve any issues."


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