Federal and electoral matters

The Directorate for Federal and Electoral Matters is the area charged with promoting and coordinating joint actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and authorities at the subnational level, aimed at fostering incorporation of the different realities in the Argentine territory into the design and implementation of foreign policy guidelines.

The following are some of its main tasks:

  • To channel and respond to requests made by subnational authorities to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.
  • To assist and cooperate with subnational authorities in negotiating and concluding agreements with subnational counterparts in other countries.
  • To provide technical support and coordinate participation in official missions abroad by subnational authorities of Argentina with the Diplomatic and Consular Representations of the Argentine Republic.
  • To coordinate actions aimed at the development of forums and other articulation mechanisms between subnational authorities at the international level, especially in regional integration bodies.
  • To coordinate, together with the General Directorate for Consular Affairs, participation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship in the holding of elections at Argentine Diplomatic and Consular Representations abroad, on the occasion of National Elections, pursuant to Law No. 24007 and its Regulatory Decrees No. 1138/93; No. 2010/93 and No. 254/09.
  • To take part, as an observer, in elections held in other countries which request participation by the Argentine Republic in such capacity.
  • To take part, together with the National Electoral Directorate of the Ministry of Interior and Transport, in election observation training actions for countries where that is needed.


Directorate for Federal and Electoral Matters
Telephone: +54 (11) 4819-7325/7779/7798
E-mail: dirfe@cancilleria.gob.ar