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Foreign Minister Faurie: "Argentina is committed to multilateralism and bilateral relations as a pillar of development"

19 October 2017
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Today, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie gave a conference on Argentina's role in the world at Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL).

Following the speech by the Dean of the Law and Social Sciences School of UNL, Javier Aga, Foreign Minister Faurie - who was born in the city of Santa Fe and studied law at that University - expressed his gratitude for the education he received there and his intention to establish bonds between the Law School of UNL and other educational institutions at the international level.

"We have learnt that if Argentina does not open up, it will never achieve development; that we cannot make it alone, and that solutions to global challenges can only stem from the joint and collaborative efforts of the international community," the Foreign Minister stated.

"The main goal of our foreign policy is to enhance the quality of life of all Argentines. We are guided by the principle of "smart insertion", which focuses on concrete interests rather than on ideology, but this does not imply a lack of values such as democracy, freedom and human rights defence," he added.

The Foreign Minister wondered: "what are our chances if global rules are fragile and if each country stands on its own vis-à-vis the international system?", and then explained: "This is why we want to give full support to multilateralism and we have resolved to assume a participatory and constructive role", and it is in that vein that "we will organize the upcoming WTO Ministerial Conference and preside over the G-20 in 2018."

After explaining that our country, in addition to multilateralism, prioritizes bilateral work with other nations, especially in economic matters, Faurie pointed out that "Argentina needs more markets and a larger scale for its production, as well as investment in infrastructure, energy and connectivity. Since we cannot achieve any of these goals alone, President Macri has sought to fix or strengthen foreign relations.

Finally, the Argentine Foreign Minister stated that "we have thus initiated a trust-building process. This is reflected in the agenda of high-level international visits that we have had. Now we have to transform this into concrete mutual commitments and results.

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