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Foreign minister Jorge Faurie: The key concept of Argentina G20 is to afford a new "Southern" vision el Sur”

29 June 2017
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Today, the Argentine Foreign Minister participated in the 20th Annual Meeting of the Christian Association of Business Executives held in Buenos Aires under the motto "Work and Inclusion:  Challenges posed by Growth and Innovation. A discussion and call for action on the current situation and the impact of technological changes."

"Argentina wishes to establish in all work areas of the G20 fields a major agenda on the changes in work and the impact of new technologies, so that we can offer a coordinated response through better training, which requires an education system that gives us the skills for new realities," Faurie stated and added: "The concept of the Argentine G20 is to generate inclusive growth that creates opportunities for equality through education."

In this regard, Faurie underscored Argentina's role as President of the G20 next year: "a G20 forum with a new southern vision," he added.  "The Group has many thematic areas beyond the economy and finance and today we have a discussion table on topics of great impact, such as economy and trade, the environment, work, and education." This responsibility, he underscored, represents a "huge opportunity" for Argentina.

As regards the current international context, he emphasized that "people's expectations have found a channel of expression."  And he noted that "the political systems of contemporary democracy have responded. Recognizing that this is a time of changes and some uncertainty, Faurie underscored that "all countries that have undergone a change of course or political orientation did so within the institutional framework."

Faurie then described aspects of Argentina's foreign policy: "What lies ahead for Argentina? A smart insertion," he summarized.

"This does not mean that values are not a component of our interaction: democracy, freedom and respect for human rights create influence in the international context and welfare for our society," he explained.  "We have to work with each country or bloc to identify specific opportunities with concrete results," Faurie highlighted.

As proposed by the Association, Faurie participated in the panel discussion that analyzed the new context in Latin America and the main aspects in view of the new international scenario. In this regard, he focused on Argentina's view of the world's problems and on Argentina's positioning within the framework of a foreign policy of greater openness and interaction with the world.

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