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Malcorra: “Many Spanish businesspeople are showing interest”

23 February 2017
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"A very substantial delegation of Argentine businesspeople has come to accompany the President and many Spanish businesspeople are showing interest," Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra stated, after accompanying President Macri to a breakfast at the Royal Palace of El Pardo.

During the State Visit to the Iberian country, Malcorra underscored the "intensity" of President Macri's schedule, which "shows there is great interest."

"We see great involvement by the Spanish government and private sector," Malcorra assured, adding: "We have events which include more than 700 companies."

Speaking to La Red radio station, the Argentine Foreign Minister stressed: "There is intense activity by the President and by all of us ministers who accompany him, on issues pertaining to the broad agenda, not only political but also economic."

Minister Malcorra detailed some of the upcoming activities: "We have a meeting with president Mariano Rajoy. A number of important agreements will be signed, in addition to a Joint Declaration which establishes a roadmap for our work within this strategic framework we are developing, and there will also be a discussion with writer Mario Vargas Llosa."

"We will continue tomorrow with several bilateral meetings with businesspeople and leaders from different Spanish political parties," the Foreign Minister stated.


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