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Ministers Faurie and Avruj met with relatives of the fallen in Malvinas

02 February 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, Secretary for Human Rights Claudio Avruj, and the Undersecretary for the Malvinas of the Foreign Ministry, María Teresa Kralikas, met this afternoon at the Palacio San Martín with representatives of the National Commission of Relatives of the Fallen in the Malvinas and the South Atlantic Islands.

The purpose of the meeting was to begin with the operational and logistic arrangements for the trip planned to enable the relatives of the 88 fallen soldiers buried in Darwin cemetery (who were identified last year by the International Red Cross's expert team) to pay tribute to their loved ones before a granite plaque bearing their name. 

The forensic work undertaken at Darwin Cemetery, in Malvinas Islands, between June and August last year pursuant to the agreement signed in 2016 and at the request of the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom was entrusted to an expert team of the International Red Cross, which included two Argentine experts, and was developed as a humanitarian initiative with all due respect and care.

At today's meeting, Foreign Minister Faurie warmly greeted the relatives of the fallen and expressed his deep affection and respect for those who gave their lives defending the Argentine territory.

The relatives gratefully thanked the team of the Foreign Ministry and of the Secretariat for Human Rights for their work and their willingness and understanding in working with the relatives of those who lost their loved ones in the war, especially with the mothers and fathers of the fallen, listening to them and responding to their questions and queries. 

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