National affairs

The Directorate for National Affairs is charged with fostering close institutional relations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the entities that are part of the Argentine Executive and Judiciary Branches, and with establishing mechanisms for institutional coordination and articulation between government agencies from Argentina and abroad.

The following are some of its main tasks:

  • To coordinate work meetings between officials or authorities of other Ministries, members of the Argentine Supreme Court and officials or authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, in relation to the analysis and evaluation of matters of foreign policy interest.
  • To cooperate with national authorities, providing information relevant to the conduct foreign policy actions.
  • To coordinate actions required to respond to foreign requests made to national authorities through Diplomatic and Consular Representations.
  • To provide support to missions of Argentine authorities abroad on the occasion of official visits or international meetings.
  • To coordinate official visits by foreign authorities and representatives of International Organizations to members of the Argentine Cabinet, the Argentine Supreme Court and the Public Prosecutor's Office.
  • To represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship at the National Commission for the Eradication of Child Labour (CONAETI), coordinating actions developed at an international level.


Directorate for National Affairs
Direct number: +54 (11) 4819-7784/7795
Switchboard number: +54 (11) 4819-7000 Ext. 7782/7795/7784