Newsletter - August 2017

On 21 July, the MERCOSUR Summit was held in Mendoza and confirmed the full force and importance of the integration process that began with the Treaty of Asunción in 1991. MERCOSUR is Argentina's main instrument for international insertion, and, as such, its development is reflective of the Government's drive to ensure Argentina's smart integration with the world.

Following the celebration of the 30th anniversary of integration between Brazil and Argentina and the signature of the plan of action between the presidents of both countries, several fora were designed, reflecting the belief that the next step in our bilateral relations calls for broader dialogue between stakeholders of both societies.
The Seventh Meeting of the Negotiating Committee of Principle 10, held in Buenos Aires, was a major step towards the final stages of the negotiation of the Regional Agreement on Environmental Matters. A positive result was obtained with the collaboration of all sides, achieving concrete progress on the text that will become a regional instrument on rights of access in environmental matters.

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