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Question of the Malvinas Islands: Malcorra thanked CELAC countries for support

26 January 2017
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Argentinian Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra participated in the 5th Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) held in the Dominican Republic and expressed gratitude for the firm support for the legitimate rights of the Argentine Republic in the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas.


“I am particularly grateful for the support we have received once again from CELAC member states as regards our rights over the Malvinas Islands. I thank all of you and value our joint work to keep this matter and other issues, in the spotlight”, stated Malcorra during the meetings held yesterday in the Dominican Republic.


“In the face of a world with major contradictions and uncertainties, CELAC is an opportunity, emerging as an organization representing a space where its members co-exist within the largest peaceful territory in our planet and in which we are determined to work in order to build agreements, united in our differences, and to do this better every day”, remarked Argentina’s Foreign Minister at the meeting that gathers 33 countries of the region.


"Many of the problems posed by this difficult global context can only be addressed jointly. The UN 2030 agenda to which we have all adhered should be our guide in facing the challenge of eradicating poverty and inequality in our continent. This is an agenda that places human beings at its core and aims at not leaving anyone behind, establishing in Goal 16 that without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance based on the rule of law, the sustainable development we all aspire to cannot be achieved”, Malcorra further stated.


Malcorra also invited everyone to the upcoming CELAC-EU meeting to be held in Buenos Aires, where the global drugs problem will be specifically addressed. "We believe that it will provide an opportunity to work jointly on a common agenda,” she added. Finally, the Foreign Minister recalled that this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Launching of South-South Cooperation and extended an invitation to a meeting to be held in Argentina to discuss matters relating to that mechanism.  



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