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Secretary Reyser at business forum with Norway: "Argentina is formulating clear trade and investment rules"

07 March 2018
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At the opening of the seminar titled "Argentina-Norway: A new partnership for the creation of added value", headed by Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and by King Harald and Queen Sonja, the Secretary for International Economic Relations, Horacio Reyser, stated that "Argentina has and will continue to take action in order to become a trustworthy and transparent country with clear trade and investment rules".

In his address to a large number of Norwegian and Argentine business owners, Secretary Reyser highlighted that "Argentina and Norway have similar economies in terms of GDP. Argentina has ten times the population of Norway, which presents a challenge: we must grow in order to include those who lack access to formal employment. Therefore, it is necessary to generate employment. In 2017, we created over 200,000 jobs".

Secretary Reyser underscored that "Norway, which invests over USD 200 billion around the world, offers major opportunities, especially in the fields of energy, oil, unconventional gas and renewable energies, which will be part of our energy mix from now on, in addition to mining".

"The production capacity for new food products, including aquaculture, as well as sustainable forestry, tourism and other services, are sectors to be developed by Argentina in the future, in which Norway has capabilities and has shown leadership," Secretary Reyser stated.

Finally, the Secretary highlighted that EFTA (the European Free Trade Association, a bloc comprising Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) has designated Norway to head the negotiations with MERCOSUR, which has chosen Argentina for the same purpose. "The coordination of negotiations between blocs offers concrete opportunities not only to boost trade but also to set clear rules in order to provide companies with an umbrella of safety for their investments. Thus, if we learn to adapt and become more competitive, EFTA and MERCOSUR can reach a balanced agreement".



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