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Statement on Venezuela by MERCOSUR member states

05 July 2017
Información para la Prensa N°: 

The founding members of MERCOSUR strongly reject the violent events that took place today at the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which resulted in an assault on congressmen and Assembly officials. Such events, which took place after an intervention by high-ranking authorities of the Executive branch without any prior agreement of legislative authorities, amount to an encroachment by the Executive on the powers of another branch of government, and this cannot be tolerated within the framework of democratic institutions.

We call on the Venezuelan Government to promptly end any actions that cause greater polarization, and thus an escalation of violence, and to guarantee respect for human rights, separation of powers and the full force of the rule of law.

MERCOSUR member states once again express their willingness to support and help the Venezuelan people as they find a way out of the serious political, social and humanitarian crisis faced by their sister nation and on the path towards the full restoration of democratic institutions and social peace.


Press release No. 276/17

Press Office: 4819-7375 / 8296 / 7388