Agreements with Diplomatic Academies | The Institute of the Foreign Service maintains active cooperation agreements with more than 40 diplomatic academies around the world.

Along these same lines, ISEN participates in the following cooperation mechanisms between diplomatic academies: 

  • MERCOSUR Diplomatic Institutions Coordination Mechanism 
  • Ibero-American Association of Diplomatic Academies 
  • The International Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT)

Student exchange | Within the framework of cooperation with other diplomatic academies, ISEN maintains a student exchange program with the Brazilian diplomatic academy, the Rio Branco Institute, and the Chilean Andrés Bello diplomatic academy.

As a result of these exchanges, Argentine diplomatic officials travel to Brasilia and Santiago de Chile to take courses from the neighboring academies, while their Brazilian and Chilean counterparts come to Buenos Aires to take the ISEN courses.

Additionally, Argentina extends invitations to other diplomatic academies so that selected graduates of these foreign services can join the courses of their institute.

During 2023, the following 5 foreign officials have taken the training course given at ISEN:

  • Sec. Pedro Leonardo Borges de Rezende (Brazil) 
  • Sec. Ciro de Carvalho Becker Leite (Brazil)
  • Sec. Liz Lorena Macuchapi Paz (Bolivia)
  • Sec. Javiera Beatriz Anabalón González (Chile)
  • Att. Louis Jehu Saint Sauveur (Haiti)

Language courses | Within the framework of cooperation between diplomatic academies, ISEN offers Spanish language courses for diplomatic officials from other countries whose official language is not Spanish. These courses make it possible to strengthen ties with foreign colleagues and share teaching material and include language certifications developed by national universities of Argentina. Likewise, ISEN provides vacancies in its virtual language courses so that diplomatic officials from the region can receive training together with their Argentine counterparts.

Agreements with Argentine Universities | ISEN also has permanent links with Argentine universities throughout the country, both public and private for the following activities:

  • Promotion of the Diplomatic Career and the Public Contest throughout the country
  • Contacting teachers for the training of ISEN students and diplomatic officials 
  • Recognition of ISEN courses as credits in order to allow SEN officials to complete their master's and doctoral programs 
  • Opening of non-permanent offices throughout the country during the public entrance contest.

Training the trainers | In order to strengthen the pedagogical and didactic capacities of the officials of the Foreign Service of the Nation who are in charge of teaching classes, the ISEN has signed an agreement with the National Pedagogical University (UNIPE) within the framework of which has carried out a series of SEN training planning workshops.


Universidad de IllinoisOn March 14, 2024, the "Argentina: Politics, Culture and Human Rights" lecture of the University of Illinois visited the Chancellery. During the visit, the Coordinator in Argentina, the professor in charge of the lecture and the students toured the ISEN building and participated in a meeting with the Director Amb. R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano and the Deputy Director Min. Germán Proffen.