For purposes of promotion to the rank of second minister, the officials of the Foreign Service must prepare a thesis and successfully defend it before a jury made up of officials of the highest categories.

Under the provisions of subsection c) of Article 16 and subsection d) of Article 82 of Law No. 20,957 and subsection c) of Article 16 and subsection d) of Article 82 of the Annex to the Decree N° 1973/86, the ISEN is the institution in charge of guiding the process of planning, writing and evaluation of the thesis.

The written works that must be submitted to ISEN are professional theses whose purpose is for diplomats to reflect and analyze in depth a topic of interest and relevance for Argentine foreign policy and for the work of the Foreign Ministry.

It is expected of the theses that they contain, by way of conclusion, substantiated proposals that contribute to the formulation and application of the public competition policies of the Ministry.

In this way, the theses allow systematizing the experience of the members of the Foreign Service who are in mid-career and constitute a wealth of knowledge and practical reflections of high value for the remaining officials of the Foreign Service.

These theses are deposited in the Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, available for consultation by officials of the Foreign Service.