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Ambassador Trotta presents her letters of credence

Friday, 11 October 2019
Information for the Press N°: 

Today, the Foreign Minister received the copies of the Letters of Credence of Ms. Elisa Trotta as the Venezuelan Ambassador to Argentina.

As will be recalled, Ambassador Trotta has been in Argentina since the beginning of the year, after the visit by Interim President Juan Guaidó, and at such time, she was accredited as Representative of the Interim President and the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Upon presentation of the copies of her Letters of Credence, the originals of which will be received by President Macri, Ambassador Trotta will serve as the top authority of Venezuela to all Venezuelans residing in Argentina, and will also be able to assist them in all consular matters.

The Argentine Government recognizes Ms. Elisa Trotta as the legitimate head of the Representation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in our country.