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Argentina participates at #BIO2024 Fair in San Diego

Wednesday, 12 June 2024
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Argentina was present at the #BIO2024 Fair, the most important biotechnology event in the sector in the United States of America, held from June 3 to 5 in the city of San Diego. A delegation of 11 biotechnology companies from our country participated in the mission organized by Argentina’s Foreign Ministry, in collaboration with the Argentine Chamber of Biotechnology (CAB) and the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI).

The purpose of the mission was to promote the productive capabilities of Argentine biotechnology, based on a scientific and technological ecosystem developed over decades, as well as to explore business and investment opportunities in the US market. The mission covered both financing and networking with local counterparts, and encouraging collaboration, exchange of information and joint ventures.

Besides the presence of the traditional pavilion coordinated by the AAICI, the Argentine Foreign Ministry organized visits to the @Illuminainc facilities to learn about recent innovations in genomic sequencing.

The Argentine companies participating in #BIO2024 were Bio H41 S.A., Bioceres, Bioprofarma Bagó, Gador, Inis Biotech Asociación Civil, Keclon, Laboratorio Elea Phoenix, Latinaba, Romikin, Sinergium Biotech and Wiener Laboratorios.

In Argentina, the biotechnology sector involves more than 340 companies, which places the country among the top 20 worldwide. The sector generates 3,752 million USD in exclusively biotechnological products and provides employment to 27,000 people. Investment in R&D exceeds 91.4 million USD, reaches 7% in the health sector and creates more than 3,026 jobs in R&D alone. 56% of the firms were created in the last 15 years, and the dynamic local entrepreneurial ecosystem registers investments of around USD 1.1 billion annually.

In addition, the sector's annual exports reach USD 430 million and represent almost 20% of sales, a proportion that rises to 45% in the human health sector. The main destinations for Argentine exports are Brazil, the United States, Uruguay, Paraguay, China, the Netherlands, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile.

The BIO Fair is the most important global event for the pharmaceutical industry. It has been held annually since 1993 in different cities in the United States and offers strategic meeting and marketing opportunities with the main international companies, SMEs, startups and universities. Argentina has participated since 2006. During the event, conferences and promotion and training sessions are held in various areas of biotechnology.





Argentina participates at #BIO2024 Fair in San Diego
Argentina participates at #BIO2024 Fair in San Diego
Argentina participates at #BIO2024 Fair in San Diego