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Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee Fifth Meeting

Friday, 07 June 2024
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On June 7, the V meeting of the Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee took place in Buenos Aires, co-chaired by Argentina’s Secretary for International Economic Relations, Ambassador Marcelo Cima, and the Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Helene Budliger Artieda.

The Argentine Delegation included senior officials from the Bioeconomy Secretariat, the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (SENASA), the National Directorate of External Commercial Management and the Transportation Secretariat.

Both delegations reviewed the bilateral economic trade agenda and highlighted the increase in bilateral trade exchange, which in 2023 reached US$ 1,750 million, with a surplus balance of US$ 650 million for Argentina.

In his remarks, Secretary Cima pointed out Argentina’s interest in working on concrete actions aimed at diversifying the Argentine export matrix to Switzerland and attracting new investments from that country. In turn, State Secretary Budliger welcomed the economic measures adopted by the new Argentine government to improve the entrepreneurial and investment climate.

The Argentine delegation introduced traditional and innovative sectors presenting opportunities for Swiss investors. In this regard, the important presence of Swiss companies in our country was highlighted, mainly in the pharmaceutical, food, services and construction sectors. Argentina occupies the 4th place as a recipient of direct foreign investment from the Swiss Confederation in Latin America, Switzerland being the 5th direct external investor in Argentina. 

Progress was also made in the negotiation of the Agreement for reciprocal recognition for organic production, which will facilitate the continuity of Argentine organic exports to the Swiss market.

There was also an exchange about the potential that the Agreement on Air Services signed in 2023 will foster and the intention to move forward with a view to greater liberalization and modernization of the bilateral relationship regarding air services in order to increase commercial, tourist and cultural exchange with Switzerland.

Furthermore, matters of bilateral interest concerning sectoral economic cooperation, particularly on agriculture, railway transportation, knowledge-based services and university cooperation were also addressed during the meeting.

Secretary Budliger supported Argentina's decision and commitment to resume the accession process to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and highlighted the importance that this will have for both the country and the international community.

Finally, progress of the negotiation of the agreement between MERCOSUR and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), of which Switzerland is a member, was reviewed. In this regard, the renewed interest of Argentina and MERCOSUR, in general, in advancing said negotiation through the resolution of pending technical aspects was also discussed.





Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee Fifth Meeting
Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee Fifth Meeting
Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee Fifth Meeting
Argentine-Swiss Joint Economic-Commercial Committee Fifth Meeting