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Business Forum with France held at the Argentine Foreign Ministry

Friday, 04 October 2019
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A Business Forum was held today at the Argentine Foreign Ministry, organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the French-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The event was attended by the French Ambassador, Claudia Scherer-Effosse; the president of CCI France Argentine, Rodrigo Pérez Graziano; the European Union Ambassador, Aude Maio-Coliche; and the Undersecretary for Commercial Strategy and Economic Promotion of the Foreign Ministry, Javier Arana, among others.

It featured panels on different sectors in which Argentine authorities and representatives of Argentine and French companies discussed the existing opportunities and challenges at the bilateral level, and debated on three strategic sectors with an eye on the future: energy, human resources and transport.

In his address, Undersecretary Arana highlighted the impact that the recently concluded Mercosur-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement will have on the flow of business and investments between Argentina and France: "This instrument reflects the commitment of both regions to have a trade relationship based on clear and transparent rules that guarantee foreseeability in order for companies to make decisions." In addition, he noted: "It is important for the governments of both blocs to join efforts to disseminate the results of this negotiation so as to guarantee that its benefits and advantages are known to and valued by society."

The Business Forum fosters a favourable environment for the creation of bonds between the public sector and companies, as well as for the generation of business opportunities. Thus, the aim is to give continuity to the roadmap laid by both countries that included other meetings, such as the "Businesspeople and SMEs Forum" held on 26 April in Paris, which focused on the exploration of opportunities for exports and production partnerships between companies of both countries.

France is the 8th biggest foreign investor in Argentina, with investments amounting to approximately USD 3 billion and enterprises in key sectors such as manufacturing, mining, and wholesale and retail trade. Bilateral trade, for its part, exceeded USD 1,5 billion in 2018.