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Busy Agenda for Foreign Minister Mondino in France

Wednesday, 20 December 2023
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Picture: Ian Sielecki, Diana Mondino and Emmanuel Bonne

Upon arriving yesterday afternoon in the city of Paris, Foreign Minister Diana Mondino held a meeting with Emmanuel Bonne, Diplomatic Adviser to Emmanuel Macron, and also met with authorities from Eramet, a major lithium producer that will invest over 800 million US dollars in Salta.

As part of her visit to France, the Foreign Minister met at the Élysée Palace with Emmanuel Bonne, President Emmanuel Macron’s right-hand man in international matters and chief of diplomacy, to discuss the goals of Javier Milei's government plans.

“The meeting with Bonne was quite fruitful, and we are proud of President Macron’s support for Argentina at the beginning of this new stage, with investments and backing at multilateral forums,” the Foreign Minister stated.

Mondino also had a meeting with authorities from Eramet, a major lithium producer with presence in Argentina, including Christel Bories, its CEO. Eramet’s authorities noted that the measures taken by Milei’s administration in the past few days are “a fantastic signal for investors.” Moreover, they welcomed the measures taken regarding imports and announced their decision to invest an additional 800 million US dollars in lithium development in Salta.

In the afternoon, Mondino will meet with the French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, among other ministers and high-ranking officials of Macron’s administration, as well as with some of France's main entrepreneurs and investors.

Ian Sielecki, Diana Mondino and Emmanuel Bonne