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Foreign Minister Diana Mondino introduced her team at Palacio San Martín

Wednesday, 13 December 2023
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This afternoon, at Palacio San Martín, Foreign Minister Diana Mondino introduced the team of authorities that will be joining her during her term at the helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship and, alongside them, she offered a detailed overview of the scope and challenges of Argentina's foreign policy under President Javier Milei’s administration.

In the presence of Foreign Ministry officials and staff, Mondino expressed the need, in this new stage, for “Argentina to play a much more prominent role, not only in the field of international relations, but also in the field of foreign trade.”

After describing an “extremely delicate” economic situation, Mondino stated she was confident that “Argentina will be able to work much harder than it has so far and the Foreign Ministry will be instrumental in achieving that goal. If we do not export, we will not be able to grow: we have productive potential, so we will build closer ties with the world, not only through exports, but also, mainly, by means of integration and by bringing technology and showing the innovation of Argentine companies. We want our Foreign Ministry to represent us around the globe and help us get closer to and more integrated into the world as soon as possible.

In this respect, she also highlighted that “we must use the resources the Ministry already has, and you are those resources. We will attempt to maximize the potential of people who are already experienced, trained and qualified, while trying to minimize any ideological concerns.” She concluded by saying: “I believe we will succeed in becoming the best Foreign Ministry Argentina has ever seen.”

“The new team of authorities is made up of career diplomats who have held important positions both at the Ministry and in Argentina’s embassies and consulates abroad. They will be joined by experienced officials with strong backgrounds in the fields they are going to lead.”

Those appointed by Mondino include, among others:

Leopoldo Sahores, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Marcelo Sima, Secretary for International Economic Relations

Ernesto Gaspari, Secretary for Coordination and External Planning

Paola Di Chiaro, Secretary for Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and South Atlantic

Federico Barttfeld, Chief of Staff to Foreign Minister Mondino

Diana Mondino presentó en el Palacio San Martín a su equipo de funcionarios
Diana Mondino presentó en el Palacio San Martín a su equipo de funcionarios
Diana Mondino presentó en el Palacio San Martín a su equipo de funcionarios