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Foreign Minister Mondino met with European Union ambassadors

Thursday, 14 December 2023
Information for the Press N°: 

This afternoon, at Palacio San Martín, Foreign Minister Mondino met with European Union Member State Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives accredited to our country and discussed with them the Government’s decision to work towards Argentina's integration into the world and, in that context, to give a new boost to relations with the European bloc, especially regarding bilateral trade and investments.

During the working meeting, Mondino and the ambassadors agreed to deepen the extensive common agenda on matters such as scientific and technological cooperation, productive development, increased contact between private sectors, education, democratic values and cultural ties.

With respect to the MERCOSUR – EU agreement, the Foreign Minister stressed that the Argentine Government considers it “of vital importance to conclude the agreement. It is one of our priorities, since it is not only a historic opportunity for the Member States of both blocs, but also a milestone in global collaboration and in the building of solid relations based on mutual respect and cooperation.”

“The negotiation of this Agreement has taken more than 20 years; 20 years of wasting opportunities for productive, trade and human integration and of diverting material and human resources by dithering over technicalities. This must come to an end. It is essential that we work together to overcome ongoing challenges and conclude this agreement in a manner that is equitable and beneficial for all parties. I have instructed my negotiators to be proactive in this final stage of negotiations,” she stated.

She also said that “following an extremely pragmatic approach, we will address any pending issues to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. I would like to ask you to convey to your governments the willingness of this new administration to open Argentina to the world, to enhance its export capacity and, through trade, to achieve sustainable and lasting development.”

The European Union, as a bloc, is Argentina’s third largest trade partner and the main foreign investor. In addition, it is the second top destination for Argentina´s exports and the third top source of its imports at global level. As a result, it is clearly a strategic partner for Argentine economic development.

La canciller Mondino recibió a los embajadores de la Unión Europea
La canciller Mondino recibió a los embajadores de la Unión Europea