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Foreign Minister Mondino met with US Ambassador

Wednesday, 27 December 2023
Information for the Press N°: 

Foreign Minister Diana Mondino met today, at the Foreign Ministry, with the US Ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley.

At the meeting, Mondino and Stanley analyzed the current state of the bilateral relationship and highlighted both countries’ interest in taking steps to deepen and diversify the bond.

The Foreign Minister described the various measures adopted by the new Administration with a view to stabilizing and liberalizing the economy so as to increase trade exchanges and foreign investment.

Mondino reiterated that Argentina aspires to strengthen ties with the United States through a strategic partnership, and that efforts will be made to channel new productive investments into the country in order to help strengthen our economy in key sectors with high global demand, including food and lithium, which are deemed strategic and vital in the current context.

The Foreign Minister also underscored the new Argentine Administration’s intention to make progress on several areas of common interest, at the bilateral, regional and global levels, including the promotion of economic development, international security and the fight against antisemitism. 

Ambassador Stanley, in turn, stressed the importance attached by the United States to the bilateral relationship and stated that a new stage is commencing, which will certainly be beneficial for both countries.

Foreign Minister Mondino met with US Ambassador
Foreign Minister Mondino met with US Ambassador