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Foreign Minister Mondino received the foreign diplomatic corps: “With help from the world, we are going to make it”

Thursday, 14 December 2023
Information for the Press N°: 

This afternoon, at Palacio San Martín, Foreign Minister Diana Mondino received the foreign diplomatic corps accredited to our country, during an event where she highlighted the importance of Argentina’s cooperation and friendship with the world at the new political stage that began on 10 December. 

“Argentina has a great deal of work to do in order to become, once again, a reliable country with which it will truly be a pleasure to have diplomatic, trade, cultural and sports relations,” Mondino stated. “We are trying to make our Foreign Ministry shine again by showing to the world all the talent, all the highly trained and qualified people who have always represented Argentina around the world” she added.

In the presence of 82 representatives of foreign nations, Mondino underscored that “Argentina’s way out requires, on the one hand, reducing the deficit and, on the other, improving its relations with the world and its trade opportunities, since trade makes all countries grow and export and import goods, services, ideas and technology, and gives them the possibility to innovate.” 

Argentina is facing a great challenge, but with help from the world, your help, I believe we are going to make it,” she concluded.

During the event, the Apostolic Nuncio to Argentina, Monsignor Miroslaw Adamczyk, dean of the diplomatic corps, thanked Argentina “for the warm hospitality of its people and its authorities” and conveyed to the new Foreign Minister his “best wishes of fruitful work at the head of Argentina’s diplomacy.”

Mondino was joined by Deputy Foreign Minister Leopoldo Sahores, Secretary for International Economic Relations Marcelo Cima, Secretary for Coordination and External Planning Ernesto Gaspari, Secretary for Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and South Atlantic Paola Di Chiaro, and Federico Barttfeld, Chief of Staff to the Foreign Minister. 


La canciller Mondino recibió al cuerpo diplomático extranjero
La canciller Mondino recibió al cuerpo diplomático extranjero