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Meeting with the Oil & Gas Sector

Thursday, 21 December 2023
Information for the Press N°: 

A working meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry’s Palacio San Martín with executives of the Chambers of the Gas, Mining and Oil sectors within the framework of an agenda of meetings scheduled by the Undersecretariat for the Promotion of Exports, Investments, Education, Science and Culture (SUPCI in the Spanish acronym) to coordinate actions with the private sector for the promotion of trade and investments in 2024.

On behalf of the private sector, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Argentine Association of Metallurgical Industries, the Argentine Oil Suppliers Group, the Argentine Chamber of the Capital Goods Projects and Engineering Industry, the Argentine Liquefied Gas Industry and Services Chamber and the Argentine Chamber of Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers.

On behalf of the Foreign Ministry, the meeting was presided over by Ramiro Velloso, head of SUPCI, and he was joined by the Foreign Ministry officials in charge of the promotion of trade in goods and services and the promotion of investments.

It is worth noting the importance of the products involved in the sector, particularly because of the high added value achieved in their production, as evidenced by exports of the key goods in the sector, which from January to November 2023 exceeded USD 400 million. Some of the products that stand out are diesel engines, parts of liquid pumps, iron products and caps and closures, the main export markets being Latin America and the United States.

(Source: Argentine Institute of Statistics and Censuses)