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Mercosur – EFTA: Meeting at the Foreign Ministry with Swiss and Norwegian Ambassadors

Thursday, 21 December 2023
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The Secretary for International Economic Relations, Marcelo Cima, met at the Foreign Ministry with the Swiss Ambassador, Hans-Ruiedi Bortis, and the Norwegian Ambassador, Halvor Saetre.

At the meeting, they agreed on the importance of advancing and giving a new boost to negotiations for the Mercosur – EFTA (European Free Trade Association) agreement, with a view to reaching its conclusion.

In this context, Secretary Cima conveyed Argentina’s willingness to work proactively on the agreement so that, as soon as possible, a text may be agreed on that is equitable and beneficial for all parties.

The EFTA, created in 1960, is an intergovernmental organization established to promote free trade and economic integration. It is currently composed of four countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

EFTA countries make up a free trade area with over 14 million people, and three of the member countries (Switzerland, Norway and Iceland) rank among the top five nations in terms of purchasing power worldwide. The four countries that make up this bloc are highly developed and competitive economies at a global level.


Photo: Marcelo Cima, Hans-Ruiedi Bortis, Halvor Saetre

Meeting at the Foreign Ministry with Swiss and Norwegian Ambassadors