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Mercosur-EU: Argentina, the EU and its Member States discussed next steps towards signing agreement between blocs

Thursday, 04 February 2021
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Today, the Secretary for International Economic Relations and Chief Negotiator for Argentina, Jorge Neme, held a video conference with the Ambassador of the European Union in Argentina, Aude Maio-Coliche, and the Ambassadors of the EU Member States to discuss Mercosur-EU Agreement challenges for this semester, during which Argentina holds the Mercosur Pro Tempore Presidency and Portugal the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Secretary Neme and the European Ambassadors agreed on the importance of the signing and entry into force of the Mercosur-EU agreement for the purpose of boosting trade between the blocs and supporting the economic recovery of our countries.

To that end, Secretary Neme reiterated the need to solve pending issues. In line with what he had told his Portuguese counterpart, Ana Paula Zacarías, the Secretary highlighted the following main issues are: approving a statement on the Question of the Malvinas, finalizing the lists of prior users of geographical indications (including designations of origin), and dealing with environmental issues with a commitment to the sustainable development of economies and not in isolation. On this subject, he stated that “we can be partners in the protection of the environment,” as further development will lead to better environmental standards.

Furthermore, the European Ambassadors expressed their interest in learning about Argentina’s priorities during its Pro Tempore Presidency, the possibilities of Mercosur expanding, and about the investment climate in the country and the possibility of renegotiating bilateral agreements on protection and promotion of investments.

After a productive conversation, both officials agreed on the need to move forward this semester to solve pending issues and sign the Mercosur-UE Agreement.

Secretary Neme was joined by the Undersecretary for Mercosur and International Economic Negotiations, Rossana Surballe, the Undersecretary for Multilateral and Bilateral Economic Negotiations, Carola Ramón, and the Argentine Ambassador to the EU, Pablo Grinspun.

Acuerdo Mercosur-UE