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MERCOSUR: Meeting of Female Ministers and High Authorities for Women

Friday, 07 June 2019
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On 5-7 June –within the context of Argentina's Presidency Pro Tempore of Mercosur– the "8th Meeting of MERCOSUR Female Ministers and High Authorities for Women (RMAAM)" was held.

The RMAAM is an intergovernmental coordination forum that deals with public policies on gender and human trafficking. It brings together the main authorities from MERCOSUR National Mechanisms for Women, as well as International Organizations, civil society representatives and scholars.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Health and Social Development, Carolina Stanley; the Regional Representative of UN Women, Florence Anne Raes; the Executive Director of the National Women's Institute (INAM), Fabiana Tunez; and the Undersecretary for MERCOSUR and International Economic Negotiations of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Victorio Carpintieri, as well as authorities for women from the countries of the bloc.

At the meeting, a "Regional Strategy to promote the Sustainable Development of Afro-descendant and Indigenous Women of MERCOSUR" was presented; the "MERCOSUR free of human trafficking" campaign was relaunched, and work was conducted in relation to a draft Recommendation on the "Mutual Regional Recognition of Protection Measures for Women Subjected to Violence"

In addition, civil society shared its views in the fields of health and economic and social empowerment.