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Solá met with Colombian ambassador

Monday, 08 February 2021
Information for the Press N°: 

Foreign Minister Solá met with the ambassador of Colombia, Álvaro Pava Camelo, to discuss the possibility of selling various products in the Colombian market, such as pork and lamb, vehicles, grapes and dried fruits. They also discussed cooperation issues between both countries. The Foreign Minister conveyed Argentina’s intention to reallocate export quotas on pickup trucks and lightweight cars, within the framework of the tariff liberalization established by the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE 72), in force since 2017 between both countries. During the meeting, Solá thanked ambassador Pava Camelo for the support Colombia has given to Argentina regarding the Malvinas Question in different multilateral fora, such as the OAS, the G77 and China, and CELAC, among others. Finally, he recalled that Argentina cooperates with the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission in Colombia, which plays a central role in the enforcement of the Peace Agreement with the FARC, actively supporting the efforts made to establish permanent and lasting peace in that country.

Felipe Solá con el embajador de Colombia