Human rights and the values of our society

Values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, solidarity, multiculturalism, freedom of religion and gender equality, among others that are currently part of our reality, are reinforced and protected through the international activities of the Argentine Government.

These values are the guiding principles, goals and tools of our foreign policy, since they drive the foreign actions of the Government. We aim at reinforcing them and ensuring that they are respected in our society and they contribute to the prestige of Argentina abroad, improving our influence on international affairs.

Argentina is among the countries with the highest human rights standards in the world. Article 75(22) of the Argentine Constitution enshrines the most important international treaties on human rights, making them prevail over domestic laws and other international treaties. Although human rights standards in Argentina largely exceed those required by the international system, the country has deemed it appropriate to protect the human rights of its citizens in as many jurisdictions as possible.

Diversity and multiculturalism are salient characteristics of our society, as well as a source of pride for all Argentines. One of their manifestations is religious freedom. Freedom of speech and of religion are fundamental human rights, which cannot be separated from each other and which, in Argentina's view, are inherent in the human condition as such.

Furthermore, human dignity and solidarity are values sought to be protected by applying international humanitarian law. Argentina is strongly committed to observing and disseminating this set of international rules aimed at limiting the effects of armed conflicts.

Gender equality and the empowerment of women are a state policy in Argentina. Likewise, the active quest for gender equality is also part of Argentina's foreign policy. Not only does gender equality contribute to development within our borders, but it also helps create better conditions in relations between countries. Therefore, it is a value to be disseminated and promoted in international relations.

Argentina adamantly condemns violence and defends democracy and human rights, especially at a regional level, which makes it a reference for other countries, international organizations and NGOs when it comes to seeking a reliable partner for any agenda relating to the promotion and protection of democracy and human rights.

In terms of foreign policy practice, Argentina's history, experience and views with respect to issues of democracy, individual liberties, human rights, religious freedoms and other matters relating to our values have proved to be invaluable tools to promote cooperation and foster values in a non-interventionist fashion.