Question of the Malvinas Islands

The integrity of the Argentine territory is a fundamental component of our foreign policy. Ever since we achieved independence, the delimitation of our borders, extending over thousands of miles, and the Argentine State's claim to control over all of its territory, including maritime areas and airspace, were some of the the most important tasks of Argentine diplomacy.

The First Transitory Provision of Argentina's 1994 Constitution provides as follows: "The Argentine Nation ratifies its legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime and insular areas, as they are an integral part of the national territory. The recovery of those territories and the full exercise of sovereignty over them, while respecting the lifestyle of their inhabitants and in accordance with the principles of International Law, are a permanent and unrenounceable goal of the Argentine people."

The Question of the Malvinas Islands has been, is and will continue to be a fundamental issue for all Argentinians. According to the various resolutions adopted by the United Nations, the Question of the Malvinas Islands is a special and specific case of decolonization, unlike other colonial cases, and thus cannot be solved by application of the principle of self-determination, since the principle of territorial integrity prevails and their population does not constitute a People, as it was implanted by the United Kingdom. Furthermore, in view of the fact that there is a sovereignty dispute between the parties, the controversy must be settled through peaceful means, bearing in mind the interests of the inhabitants of the Islands..

Within this framework, Argentina calls for negotiations to be resumed with the United Kingdom in accordance with the resolutions and declarations issued by the United Nations and the Organization of American States. At the same time, there is a commitment to respect the lifestyle of the islanders and to take their interests into consideration.

In order to comply with our constitutional mandate, diplomatic actions are taken at both the multilateral and bilateral levels, with the aim of creating appropriate conditions to engage in negotiations with a view to resolving the sovereignty dispute.


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