Professional course

Curso de actualización (2022)

Those who reach the rank of first secretary must take and pass a professional update course, which is a requirement for promotion to the rank of counsellor. This virtual and intensive program is made up of seminars, workshops and conferences that aim to provide an update on knowledge and skills relevant to diplomatic-consular work, as well as to transmit the work guidelines of the different areas that make up the Ministry.


In its 2023 programming, the course for the first secretaries consists of the following subjects:

A) Cycle of conferences on Argentine positions: meetings with authorities and officials of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, aimed at learning about national positions on key issues.

  • The planned meetings include the following topics: 
  • Latin American and regional integration developments
  • Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and South Atlantic 
  • International cooperation and humanitarian assistance 
  • International Effects of the Conflict in Ukraine
  • Perspectives on international economic relations 
  • Gender and Diversities in Argentine foreign policy

B) Professional update workshops: workshops by Foreign Ministry officials, as well as specialists, whose purpose is to provide professional updating in key tools for the diplomatic-consular task.

  • The scheduled workshops are as follows: 
  • Consular Affairs
  • Trade and investment promotion
  • Labor Relations and personnel administration
  • Negotiation techniques 
  • Communication and social networks 
  • Management

C) World scenario seminar: Subjects in charge of a teaching team made up of professors/researchers, aimed at learning about and discussing recent transformations and trends in the international political and economic scenario.

Curso de Actualización 2022