Argentina participates in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

Argentina participates once again in one of the most prominent events of the international cultural calendar: the Venice Architecture Biennale

From May 28 through November 27, artists and experts from all corners of the world will present the most important cultural and architectural expressions at the global level. This edition of Venice's mega exhibition includes 88 participants from 37 countries.

The Argentine Pavilion, where the best expressions of national art and architecture will be presented, is one of the most significant public investments made by the country in the promotion of culture for the year. Argentina's Pavilion is a 450-sqm installation placed in the famous Venetian Arsenal. Its design was inspired in the system of beams of the Altamira building, an emblematic construction located in the city of Rosario, Argentina. The structures of the Pavilion are arranged in such a way as to create meeting points and propose places for dialogue and discussion of the national works on display. The ultimate goal of the design is to achieve a type of maze-like architecture, which is not meant to make us lose our way but rather to help us find ourselves, thus bringing to Venice the multiple and valuable perspectives being explored, experimented with and developed in our country.

In this edition, the Argentine Pavilion presents "ExperimentAR. Poéticas desde la frontera" (Experience AR. Boundary poetics), by curator and renowned architect Atilio Pentimalli, who proposes an approach to architecture based on the exploration of everyday life and social realities. In the words of Pentimalli himself, Argentina's proposal in this edition is to present national works that "go beyond standards through experimentation with and exploration of everyday things." These works "were able to win the daily battle against rules, lack of economic resources, the changing conditions of the country, and the pace and demands of the market, through Argentine intelligence, intuition, work and talent in order to achieve a unique type of architecture, born out of our deepest thoughts and of our land, one that opens new horizons."

The approach of the Argentine Pavilion is aligned with the concept chosen for this edition by the organizers of the Biennale, which is based, according to the general curator of the exhibition, Alejandro Aravena, on "the learning process and the approaches adopted by architecture through intelligence, intuition, or both." 

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