The Argentine Foreign Minister as a gateway to investment and business growth in Argentina

May, 2016
Argentina is a hugely attractive destination for investment, thanks to its natural resources and competitive advantages

The country has a highly skilled workforce recognized for its creativity and backed by renowned educational institutions, making it a regional leader. It also has abundant natural resources that include, in addition to its agro-industrial capacity, the second largest gas reserves, the fourth largest non-conventional oil reserves, and the third largest lithium reserves in the world, as well as bountiful water, wind and solar power resources.

In addition, Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America, with the second highest GDP per capita in the region (based on Purchasing Power Parity) and has a market of over 40 million inhabitants. The country is also part of important economic integration initiatives such as Mercosur (290 million people) and Aladi (545 million people). From a security and human rights perspective, Argentina is free of war, racial or religious conflicts, and has a stable institutional framework, as well as a solid democratic system.

As for the new political and economic situation, since President Mauricio Macri took office in December 2015 Argentina initiated a period of openness and normalization of political and economic relations with the rest of the world, with a view to reintegrating into world markets. This new orientation poses a unique opportunity for Argentina's economic ties with the rest of the world to reflect its potential, through a significant increase in trade and investment flows.

This is precisely the objective of the “Argentina Business & Investment Forum” (, to be held in Buenos Aires on 12 to 15 September. The event will present to global investors the latest economic reforms implemented by the government and will identify attractive investment opportunities arising from this new context.

There are currently a large number of projects for investment in infrastructure, transportation, agri-food, tourism, and renewable and non-renewable energies, among others. These projects are fundamental to the development of the country and present interesting opportunities to all companies willing to accompany Argentina in this new phase.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, through its Undersecretariat for Investment Development and Trade Promotion and with the support of more than 140 delegations and over 600 diplomatic officers deployed by the Argentine Government around the world, is the perfect channel to attract and promote investment opportunities in a professional and personalized manner, facilitating the investment process throughout all stages: from the identification of opportunities to the assessment of projects, and including the post-investment period.

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