May, 2018
The recent fruitful visit to Argentina by the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has not only strengthened bilateral cooperation on multiple fronts and projects, but has also broadened the scope of important trade agreements signed last year. The Chilean President's visit has also encouraged both our nations to pursue a common goal: to build closer ties between MERCOSUR and the Pacific Alliance, a partnership which we believe is necessary in order to tackle the new global challenges that we face as a region.

The Argentine Government's economic and foreign policies seek to strengthen and expand Argentina's economic and trade integration into the world.

We are convinced that this desire for integration is shared by other member countries of both blocs. We know that stronger economic integration will lead to more jobs and opportunities, as well as a better quality of life for citizens.

We began this process a year ago at the First Ministerial Meeting, during which we agreed on a Roadmap which addressed various dialogue and working areas in order to facilitate trade and strengthen cooperation. Since then, we have been working towards that goal in order to strengthen and fully achieve this bi-oceanic integration.

We will spare no effort to reach the ultimate goal which inspires us: to join the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through a corridor which not only communicates and physically unites both continents and optimizes cargo transportation and the transit of persons, but also promotes productive integration and regional development.

I now invite you to read about this integration process in detail, as well as about other actions undertaken by the Argentine Foreign Ministry in April.