July, 2018
Argentina has historically demonstrated deep commitment in the face of humanitarian crises in different situations around the world. At the Foreign Ministry, we have recently renewed such commitment - this time in the city of Cúcuta, Colombia, by joining a new humanitarian medical care strategy aimed at Venezuelan migrants who have been forced to leave their country owing to the serious political-institutional situation and the resulting social, economic, food and health problems. Our White Helmets are responding to this challenge thanks to the efforts of professionals that voluntarily undertake this enormous humanitarian work.

Thousands of Venezuelans have been crossing the Colombian border for quite some time now, which has triggered a border crisis that calls for coordinated responses by the countries in the region. This is why, following an initiative sponsored by presidents Mauricio Macri and Juan Manuel Santos, a support plan has been created, put into action and coordinated by the White Helmets so as to do our bit to help.

Since 23 June, a team comprised of doctors and specialists from private healthcare providers has been cooperating within the framework of this significant mission, which has been delivering results especially among women of reproductive age, babies and children under 17.

The work of White Helmets at that border point serves two purposes. The main goal is to help Venezuelans with scarce resources and limited possibilities for travel, who are suffering exile in their search for a better horizon. At the same time, we are cooperating with Colombia, given the huge impact on the Venezuela-Colombia border as a result of the exceptionally high number of migrants.

Of course we are not doing this on our own. We are partners in this project, working in a coordinated fashion with the Colombian Government and international assistance agencies that are already in the field, such as the Red Cross and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).   We must all continue to work together to respond to this humanitarian emergency.

I now invite you to read about this mission in detail, as well as about other actions undertaken by the Foreign Ministry in July.