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Day of the Malvinas War Veterans and Fallen

Thursday, 02 April 2020
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Every 2 April, the people of Argentina pause to remember and honour their fellow countrymen who bravely gave their lives in defence of the Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. It is also a day to honour those who fought and now carry on their bodies and minds the indelible marks left by the armed conflict. Argentina will forever owe the fallen, the veterans and their families a debt of gratitude, and we must continue to honour their memory and put the State’s effort into truly recognizing and addressing their needs.

One of the main ways to show recognition for their actions is certainly to continue to fight for the ideals for which they themselves fought and died: the constitutional mandate to recover, through dialogue and diplomacy, the stolen Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas islands.

2 April must be a day of commemoration and tribute. But also a day of commitment. We must commit ourselves never to lower the flag of sovereignty for which our people fought, never to spill blood again for this fair claim, and to continue on the path of dialogue with the United Kingdom, taking into account the interests of the islanders, as established by the United Nations.

As enshrined in the Argentine Constitution: “The Argentine Nation ratifies its imprescriptible sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime and insular areas (...) The recovery of those territories and the full exercise of sovereignty over them, while respecting the lifestyle of their inhabitants and in accordance with the principles of International Law, are a permanent and unrenounceable goal of the Argentine people.