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Faurie in Germany: Foreign Ministers' meeting to strengthen bilateral relationship

Monday, 27 May 2019
Information for the Press N°: 

Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, who started a two-day visit to Germany today, met this afternoon in Berlin with his counterpart, Heiko Maas, with whom he reviewed the bilateral agenda, both political and economic, and found points of understanding on regional issues.

"Germany is a country of paramount importance for Latin American economic processes due to its investments in the region and the role it has had in recent decades through political dialogue, upholding the values of freedom and democracy," stated Faurie at the end of the Foreign Ministers' meeting.

"This is a good opportunity to share ideas on the world we live in and the goals we have in view of the new international configuration, at a time of major transformations," stated the Argentine Foreign Minister, who was grateful for "the level of relations with Germany, especially during President Macri's administration."

"Angela Merkel's government has always positively encouraged and validated our economic reforms," he added. In addition, Faurie and Maas discussed the recent progress made on the negotiations towards a trade agreement between MERCOSUR and the EUROPEAN UNION. 

Faurie, who will  attend the "Latin America – Caribbean Initiative" Forum tomorrow along with other foreign ministers from the region, stated that Germany "is a strategic investor in most of Latin American countries: in Argentina, it is the ninth largest foreign investor, with participation in strategic companies in the industrial and  conventional and renewable energy sectors, as well as in the chemical and health sectors."

Furthermore, the foreign ministers discussed the regional situation of Latin America, and expressed their "grave concern" over the serious situation that Venezuela is going through and the "living conditions of the Venezuelan people."

"We have agreed on the importance of finding a solution. In this regard, Germany's opinion is very important in Latin America. Germany is working on the situation through the International Contact Group, and Argentina is working in its capacity as member of the Lima Group. Hopefully, these joint efforts will lead to a solution that will restore freedom and democracy in Venezuela. We believe, as part of the Lima Group, that the involvement of organisations such as the UN is essential in order to create the necessary conditions and awareness to control the situation," highlighted the Argentine Foreign Minister.

During the meeting, the foreign ministers also addressed the upcoming G20 Leaders' Summit, to be held next month in Osaka, Japan. "Germany's vision during Argentina's Presidency in 2018 was incredibly positive, and I believe both countries, as members of the troika, will support Japan in the same manner in its own leaders' summit.  We hope that the 20 member countries of the G20 will promote measures that provide for dynamic rules-based trade, and preserving the 'common home' of ours, that is, our environment."