Red ISPA: Presentation of the research on productivity dynamics in Argentina

Friday, 30 September 2022

Revisiting the concept of productivity: a debate to rethink the future.

On 29 September, the results of a series of studies related to the research project on the dynamics of productivity in the Argentine Republic, carried out jointly by several centres comprising the Network of Socioeconomic Public Research of Argentina (Red ISPA), were presented.

Within this framework, Gonzalo Bernat (CIECTI) introduced the findings of the “Estimation of the multiplier of public spending on R&D”, Igal Kejsefman (CONICET-UBA) and Facundo Pesce (CEP XXI) made the presentation of “Intra-sectoral heterogeneity in the manufacturing industry” and, finally, Enzo Benes, Laura Perelman and Silvana Gurrero of the Undersecretariat for Planning, Studies and Statistics of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security introduced “The discussion of productivity in collective bargaining and its relationship with the productive behaviour of industrial companies in Argentina (2010-2016)”.

Fabián Britto (CIECTI/Red ISPA) served as moderator, with remarks made by Fernando Peirano and Anahí Amar (ECLAC). Comments were made by Marta Novik (CONICET/CITRA and member of the Red ISPA Advisory Board) and Enrique Hurtado (CEI). The event was closed by Verónica Robert, Under-Secretary for Development Strategies of the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Nation.

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