Humanitarian Assistance Mission to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

With the aim of contributing to the actions carried out by the Lebanese government to assist Syrian refugees, White Helmets carried out a multidisciplinary humanitarian assistance mission, made up of officials from various State offices such as the National Migration Department, the National Refugee Commission, other areas of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and White Helmets volunteers.

Various actions were carried out, such as the installation of sanitary tents for an office, a shock room, a temporary hospital room with technological equipment and a pharmacy warehouse. Also, a special volunteer corp was launched to help on community strengthening which includes workshops that respond to the requirements and needs of Syrian refugees. For this reason, first aid courses were held; safety courses and the use of fire extinguishers; containment and psychosocial support; and other one that instructs on the use of medicines and water potabilization.

Furthermore, in coordination with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, White Helmets displaced 2 volunteers, one expert in Water and Sanitation and the other in Attention to Victims of Sexual Violence based on Gender, for a period of 31 days. The humanitarian aid consisted of a health unit with supplies and medicines to assist the community in health matters, 110 hygiene kits, 110 kitchen sets, 1300 blankets, 110 tents with the capacity to accommodate 5 people, water purification tablets and disinfectant tablets.