September, 2018
The recent presence by the Argentine delegation in New York, headed by President Mauricio Macri, in the context of the 73rd UN General Assembly, had special significance this year, beyond the United Nations floor. It reflected the intention that we Argentines have today of telling the world about the path we have chosen and the measures we are implementing in search of long-lasting solutions to our difficulties.

I believe that one of the fundamental purposes of this mission was to convey, at the various forums in which Argentina participated, our Government's expectation to get back on the path of growth very soon.

It should be noted that we have received, and continue to receive, remarkable international support. The world has renewed its vote of confidence in us, and the foreign sector supports the structural reforms we are undertaking in the economic field.

In New York, we also participated in meetings of great importance for the present and future of our continent and the South American region, such as one on the situation in Venezuela. On the one hand, we discussed the migration crisis caused by the mass exodus of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries. And we also reported to the International Criminal Court the serious claims of human rights violations allegedly perpetrated by the current regime on its citizens.    

In addition, as Foreign Minister, I participated in meetings with my colleagues from Ibero-America and CELAC, and we made progress through our MERCOSUR bloc with negotiations with Singapore and the European Union. 

I now invite you to read about this mission in detail, as well as about other actions undertaken by the Foreign Ministry in September.