The Minister's Message

January, 2018
February being a very busy month in terms of Antarctic activity, we especially focused our attention on our southern stations and, naturally, on the work of our scientists. 22 February marked the 114th anniversary of Argentina's permanent, uninterrupted presence in the white continent, which we celebrated with an event at which we contacted the personnel of the Argentine Antarctic Stations of Orcadas, Carlini, Marambio and Esperanza by video conference. We did so not just to reach across geographical distance, but also to highlight and publicize the generous work carried out by our compatriots in Antarctica…

The current Summer Antarctic Campaign 2017/2018 is especially important, as it is marked by the long-awaited return of the Almirante Irízar Icebreaker to Antarctic seas, after years under repair and modernization. Its new laboratories have transformed it into an oceanographic research vessel of enormous value and into a milestone of the Argentine Antarctic Programme. The icebreaker guarantees resupplying and staff rotation at Argentina's thirteen year-round and/or seasonal stations in the white continent.   

Antarctica concerns and is dear to all Argentines, not only because of its history, which has been marked by great explorers and pioneers, but also in terms of its present and future, strongly underpinned by scientific research. We are fully aware of the role of Antarctic science not only to understand phenomena but also to safeguard Argentina's rights and interests in the ice continent, a task that also draws on the contribution of diplomacy and the logistical work of the Armed Forces.

Argentina is a pioneering country in the field of Antarctic activity and has developed a true State policy for over a century, through which we have also reaffirmed our commitment to the Antarctic Treaty System, and to the preservation and protection of the vast natural resources in Antarctica.

The work and production of our Antarctic scientists in the fields of coastal and terrestrial biology, oceanography, geology and glaciology are silent but plentiful and are received with great interest in prestigious scientific dissemination fora, as demonstrated in the text of this newsletter. 

Let us take a look at the articles of this new edition.


Jorge Faurie

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship