March, 2018
The Argentine State was in debt to the relatives of the fallen in Malvinas, especially to the relatives of the Argentine heroes whose remains had been buried at Darwin Cemetery without identification. We believe that this debt has now been honoured in part. The relatives of ninety of those boys who gave their lives on the Islands were finally able to pay homage to them last 26 March in front of a memorial plaque bearing their names and surnames.

It was deeply moving for me to meet those parents, siblings, wives and grandparents, and to listen to them and bid them farewell on the eve of this memorable trip - maybe the trip they have most eagerly awaited,- after nearly 36 years of waiting without any certainties. All Argentines join you in spirit on this trip.

We deeply believe in dialogue: dialogue pays off. On the other hand, conflict only results in losses. We have already been through that.

In that vein, the unprecedented humanitarian mission entrusted by Argentina and the United Kingdom to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which came to an end following the identification of the remains, was the result of joint work between politics and science. The willingness of the Argentine Government to close this painful wound combined with the tremendous work of scientists and forensic experts and ultimately led to this historic compensation.

We are convinced that this is not merely a symbolic action: this is a major act of justice for those who, like many other men in Argentina's history, lost their lives defending our Homeland.

I now invite you to read about this mission in detail, as well as about other actions undertaken by the Foreign Ministry in March.