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4th Meeting of the Argentina-Uruguay Bilateral Committee on Trade Affairs

Friday, 27 July 2018
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Seven years after its last meeting, the 4th Argentina-Uruguay Bilateral Committee on Trade Affairs was held today, as agreed last May by the Foreign Ministers of both countries.

The Argentine delegation was headed by the Undersecretary for MERCOSUR and International Economic Negotiations of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Victorio Carpintieri, while the Uruguayan delegation was headed by the Director General for Integration and MERCOSUR Affairs of the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry, Valeria Csukasi.

During the event, both delegations welcomed the resumption of work by the Committee, whose last meeting had taken place in 2011, and agreed that it is the appropriate framework to address their busy bilateral economic and trade agenda.

In that regard, they underscored the importance of promoting trade flows in goods and services by removing remaining barriers, making progress in the facilitation of bilateral trade and fostering new projects to boost exchanges, especially of industrially manufactured goods.

Furthermore, they reaffirmed their constant willingness to continue strengthening and modernizing MERCOSUR, as the natural platform from which both countries plan to achieve regional and international integration.

Both delegations agreed to make the Committee´s work more dynamic through biannual meetings, in addition to affording it the necessary flexibility to address the different topics on the bilateral agenda in the most appropriate way.

At the end of the meeting, ambassador Csukasi thanked her Argentine counterpart for receiving the Uruguayan delegation in Buenos Aires and invited him to hold the 5th Meeting of the Bilateral Committee on Trade Affairs in the city of Montevideo, on a date to be agreed upon.