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Procedures available


Number Plates can be granted to foreign Missions for imported or national cars bought within the tax exemption framework.

In the case of an imported car, a "Certificado de Libre Circulación" (Free Circulation Certificate) will be issued and, once the car has entered Argentina, the verification of the chassis and motor number (Form 12P of the DNRPA - National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry) must be carried out at an appropriate Inspection Centre.

Some Provinces request a Vehicle Technical Inspection for used cars (different from the inspection carried out in the DNRPA). For new cars, this Vehicle Technical Inspection is not required.

For imported cars, the Number Plate application must be filed within 15 days after the car's customs clearance, although this period may be extended to a maximum of 30 days.

The number plates for cars manufactured in Argentina and purchased within Law N° 19.486, shall be provided upon presentation of the purchase invoice, and prior to the car dealer’s delivery.

Only those civil servants who are accredited in Argentina through the National Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be authorized to drive official cars. Local employees may also be authorized to drive official cars as long as they are officially registered before the National Protocol Department. A maximum of five (5) persons can be authorized to drive each official car.

Procedure to apply For the Number Plate and Vehicle Identification Card to be issued

I. Required Documentation

   1) Note from the Mission: Duly signed by the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate) with his signature, full name, position and bearing the stamp of the Mission. Consular Missions must file this application through their respective Embassies.

   2) Form FDF N° 0007 entitled “Chapa Patente para un automotor de Uso Oficial de la Representación” (Number Plate for the Official Car of a Foreign Mission)

Form FDF N° 0007 entitled “Chapa Patente para un automotor de Uso Oficial de la Representación” (Number Plate for the Official Car of a Foreign Mission)

   3) NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the valid obligatory annual insurance policy required by Law 24.449 in the name of the Mission.

   4) NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the Driving License of each of the drivers, issued by a competent authority from the Republic of Argentina.

   5) COPY, CERTIFIED by the Chief of Mission, of the document, issued by the relevant body, establishing that the person authorized to drive has no record of traffic violations.

   6) For imported cars:

      a. Copy of the document entitled “Salida de Zona Primaria Aduanera” (Exit from Primary Customs Area) and/or a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the Customs Clearance Receipt and Customs Resolution.

      b. ORIGINAL chassis and motor Vehicle Verification document (Form 12P of the DNRPA - National Directorate of Automotive Property Registry).

      c. NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the import tax exemption document.

   7) For a cars made in Argentina:

      a. NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the Purchase Invoice.

      b. NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the authorization to purchase the car.

II. Together with the Number Plate and Identification Cards, an ID windshield sticker will be issued, this must be displayed on the right-hand side of the windscreen. The sticker expires annually on December 31st and must be renewed within the 30 days prior to this expiry date. To renew the ID windshield sticker, the obligatory annual insurance coverage required by Law 24.449 will be verified (further requirements may be added in the future).

III. The Tax Exemption Office may provide a Free Circulation Certificate to enable procedures to be carried out before the Number Plate is definitively obtained. Both this Certificate and the Number Plate will be issued only if the car is covered by the obligatory insurance (Law 24.449).

IV. Number Plates may be collected only by personnel registered or accredited in Argentina by the National Protocol Department upon presentation of a personal identification document (passport, diplomatic ID card, etc.).