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The Chief of Mission is allowed to export a car built in Argentina or re-export an imported car assigned for the official use of the Mission.

All car import or export operations, whether for private or official use, must be recorded by the Customs Office via SIM (Sistema Informático María), a computer based system. This registration must be carried by a registered customs broker. To perform import/export operations, the Mission also needs to be registered as an Importer/ Exporter in the Registry of the General Customs Office.

Before the Export Certificate can be issued, the foreign Mission must return the Number Plate, the ID windshield sticker, the vehicle ID card and the authorized drivers ID cards. If requested to do so, the Tax Exemption Office may issue a limited Free Circulation Certificate, upon presentation of a valid insurance policy.


1. Note of the Mission: The export or re-export must be requested through a note, signed by the Chief of Mission (or legal surrogate) bearing his full name and position within the Mission. The Note must state explicitly that the car to be exported is property of the Mission.

2. Please attach Form FDF N° 0015 entitled “Exportación / Reexportación de un Automotor de Uso Oficial de la Representación” (Export / Re-export of an Official Car of a Foreign Mission).

3. The Mission must attach the Tax Exemption Form IN TRIPLICATE.

>> Tax exemption form




Importación Temporal

Please choose the correct option when filling the form: If it is a car mad in Argentina, choose “Export”; if the car was previously imported, please choose “Re-export”

4. For a national car: please attach a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the authorization to purchase the car.

5. For a car that was imported with tax exemption, please attach a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of the import tax exemption document.

   - This Office will check the application and, if everything is correct, it will ask the foreign Mission to return the Number Plate, the ID windshield sticker and the Identification Cards of the authorized drivers. If necessary, this Office may issue a Free Circulation Certificate valid for 10 calendar days, upon presentation of a NON-CERTIFIED COPY of a valid insurance policy.

   - If the application is approved, this Office will send the “Document for Export Tax Exemption” to Customs and will present a copy of this document to the applicant Mission.

   - For imported cars, once the Authorization to Re-export has been granted by this Office, the re-export must be registered in the María computer system (SIM) of the General Customs Office. This procedure must be carried out by a registered Customs Broker, in the name of the Mission.